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Who We Are

Pishon Design Studio is an architectural and interior design studio based in Chennai. Established in 2011 by architect Vinod, the studio offers a bespoke multi-disciplinary and pixel perfectionist approach to render high quality turnkey solutions. Pishon Design Studio has extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects. We work at the intersection of business, creativity and technology by collaborating with clients to build innovative products and immersive experiences.

In fulfilling the goals of the client, our firm incorporates luxury, comfort, and understated elegance in a strong bold statement to create a truly unforgettable user experience. We are a design studio, not an agency. We are intentionally small, favouring quality over quantity. We don’t have account managers or a marketing team, so you know you will be working directly with us. We bring our big agency experience to projects of all sizes, partnering with best reliable brands.


We work as a committed team with the versatile expertise of architects, designers, project managers & engineers who share a vision for innovative and contextually responsible design. We work closely with our stakeholders in a collaborative creative process that seeks to find holistic solutions to each individual brief.

Open Collaborators

Best outputs are delivered when we work as unified team with common goals. We team up with Clients as partners to create long term shared value, at the expense of short term individual value.

Divergent Thinkers

Client centric team of flexible, spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear nature focus in generating creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions in an emergent cognitive fashion.

Critical Analysts

Gain Competitive advantage over stakeholder’s investment, our team critically analyses the project opportunities and threats through iterative and experimental approach in testing the project prototype.

Cross- functional

Well-constructed cross-functional team with unique expertise and skills of team members from multiple functions within an organization will consistently deliver truly innovative strategies and promising solutions.

Adroit Planners

Execution plan without a strategy is the slowest route to success. our expertise lies in strategizing project plan with tactical approach aligned with projected funds, deadlines and project specifications.

Robust Problem Solvers

Constructed to suit the demands of the situation, our team provides an Agile workforce strategy to troubleshoot any technical and Financial project constraints encountered in the process of design and execution.

We Beleive in our clients we work with


Our Services


Architecture design

Site survey & analysis, Feasibility studies, Master planning, Building Conceptual design, Massing, 3D Visualization, Soil testing, structural design, MEP Design, HVAC design, Firefighting & safety Design, Building Energy Analysis, Building Automation design, Working Drawings, Green Building Design, Renovation & Retrofit Designs, Building Automation design


Project management

Master Construction Plan, Economic feasibility Study, Market Study, Resource management, Cashflow Projection, Risk response planning, Contract Administration, Tender Management, Bid reviews, Cost Optimization, Time management, Construction Tracking & Control, Quality audit & TQM, Working Capital management, Facilities management, Consultants management.


Interior design

Site Evaluation, Space Planning, Furniture Layout, Interior Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Mood Board presentation, 3D Visualization, Material Specifications, Quality Control & Inspection, Working Drawings, Concept Sketches, Bill of Quantity, Artworks & Graphic Designs, Selection & procurement of Interior furnishings, special finishes, Fixtures


Turnkey contracting

Equipment Management, Material Specification, Material management, Materials & Equipment Procurement, Finishes schedule, Site Organization, Manpower Planning, Quality Inspection, Bill of Quantities, Consolidated Quotation, Project handover Documentation, Resource Management, Time management, Progress Report, Safety Management.


Landscape architecture

Topographical survey, Site Appraisal, Soil testing, Sunshade Analysis, Irrigation Planning, Surface drainage design, Plant specifications, Schematic Concept design, Electrical Design, Outdoor Lighting Design, Furniture layout, Softscape Design, Hardscape Design, Graphic & Signage Design, Landform grading, landscape Structure design (Pavilion, Play area, Water Fountains), Bird’s eye view


Civil construction

Human Resource Management, Site Management, Equipment Management, Material Specification, Material management, Materials & Equipment Procurement, Sub-Contract Administration, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Facilities management, Post-occupancy Management, Resource Mobilization Planning, Operations management, Supply Chain management, Health & Safety Management, Payment scheduling.

What we offer
when you Hire us


Cost Projections

Get a Clear picture of your Project’s total estimated cost with a detail quotation and Timelines upfront. No False assurance today and confounding prices tomorrow.


Accurate Bill of Quantity

We arrive at exact quantities to deliver you precise Bill of quantities for your project and get competitive pricing on your quote without compromising on any of your project specifications.


Visual Notification

Daily site works are recorded visually through photographic process. We keep a close watch to make sure if there’s any quality compromise on timelines and contractor’s material quality.


360 Degree Visualization

We take you one step closer to live your dreams. Experience your personalized spaces with Photo-Realistic 3D renderings. We are now working on VR to immerse you into a whole new dimension.


Vendor Discounts

Take advantage of cost benefits from all vendor discounts directly transferred to you which most architects don’t reveal. You make big savings here.


Assistance for Statutory Approvals

Get the right guidance and assistance in government processes related to Approvals, Loans, FSI, deviations and penalties. We provide you the right UpToDate information with utmost clarity.


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